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The Musket got it's name because the owner Helmut  Enser used to collect old muskets. Some of them are still on display in the Dining room to look at. But that was some time ago. Today the Musket is known in and around Toronto for its excellent and authentic German cuisine. If you like Wiener Schnitzel or  want to try the delicious and delightfully tender Barbeque Pork Hox - the Musket has it all. But wait, there's more: Remember the Rouladen you had on your last trip to Germany?  Well, the family-run Musket offers you all that and more.  And what would be an German restaurant without real German Beer .  Don't worry - here you'll find the most popular German Beers, such as Warsteiner, Becks, Hacker Pschorr  as well as the famous Weissbier on draft! Or if you prefer  wine - ask us for our delicious Austrian red or white wines. 


Helmut Enser, Owner of the Musket Restaurant


Joanne Enser - Owner and your charming host at the Musket


Richard Enser, Chef and son of the owner Helmut Enser



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